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The Raxxnorian Alliance, a collection of peaceful planets in the Andromeda Galaxy, is under attack. You, an older pilot who survived the unity wars, are all that's left to defend the planets and deal with the invasion.

Shoot your way to the top, collect power-ups and better shields, and make your spaceship the ultimate fighter!

I made this game because I like old arcade classics and to learn Godot - an open source game development engine.


Move left/right/up/down

Use the arrow keys left, right, up, down


Press spacebar or click the mouse


Press the escape key

Current version: early release v007

There's three levels in the game now. Every level adds more difficult enemies and gives you upgraded or different weapons. More levels & enemies to come :)

Known issues: level three is not finished yet - more details are always in the dev logs.


If a virus scanner complains: there's no viruses, I just don't pay money to MS.


The game works native on Linux, after downloading/unzipping the game you have to make the file the_raxxnorian_alliance.x86_64 executable (chmod +x or via the GUI)


I don't have a Mac myself, but some people tested the mac version and said it runs well :)


I can always use more testers, shoot me a message in the comments below!

Made by humans, respects your privacy

Everything is made by humans. No NFTs, no cryptocoin, no generative AI. No DRM and no telemetry. Made in Godot which doesn't steal your data like some other engines do.

Music Credits

thanks to Tallbeard Studios for three of their tracks!



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